Why tradist NFT?

the best tool for your NFT Project


Create your own NFT collection

With tradist NFT, NFTs and NFT collections can be created, managed and sold without programming knowledge. The creators have complete control over your NFTs with multiple settings options. The NFTs can either be generated from single images or can be uploaded completely.


NFT generation in a few minutes

You have already designed your layer based NFTs? Great, upload them and specify the rarity of the layers. We’ll do the rest and generate the NFTs in bulk according to your specifications. If you are working on a game, we also have a trait multiplier that can boost your global attributes even more.


Security and Blockchains

Your images are secured with IPFS technology and stored decentrally. You can sell on Polygon or Ethereum. However, we are constantly expanding our blockchain portfolio.


NFTs have many possible uses


The most popular non-fungible tokens in the game are in-game products. NFTs have generated tremendous enthusiasm among many game developers.


The function of the NFTs that prove identity is identical to the NFTs for event tickets. They can be used as unique identifiers and provide reliable support for identity management systems.


NFTs can be used in ecommerce for branding but also to make your own products look even more valuable. For example, a design on a T-shirt could also be purchasable as an NFT.


Another popular option for NFTs is artwork. The most popular non-fungible tokens are programmable artworks - a unique combination of creativity and technology.

Music & Video

The music and media industries are also experimenting with NFTs. It is possible to attach music and media files to NFTs so that they can be accessed by anyone with a legitimate ownership claim.

Digital Tickets

With digital tickets as NFT, users can be offered a variety of uses. For example, they can purchase exclusive content in a commerce store.


Sell where you want

After the deployment of the collection we provide a minting page where NFT’s can be bought.
Of course, you can also create your own minting page here and the tokens can be sold on OpenSea and other marketplaces afterwards.


You have control

With statistics you can evaluate the success of your collections. We show you various statistics that help you in your daily work


Our artists are waiting for you

We have a wide network and work with many NFT designers. So if you need support in the creation of your NFT images, we can easily help you here.

Whitelist & Pre-Sale

Manage your Community

You can give whitelist access to selected users so that they can access the PreSale in a prioritized manner. By the way, our technology is completely developed in Germany.


Manage your project

You have everything in your hand and can manage your Minting & Reveal strategy directly in the tool. If you have produced too many NFTs, you can also burn them to boost demand.
The payout of the mined cryptocurrency from the smart contract and changes to the smart contract can be triggered with a simple push of a button.


Full service for you

You need more than our tool? Perfect. We can also provide you with full service support. We can support your project from logo design and naming to successful launch and marketing. We have been working with experts for years and can draw on a wealth of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The use of tradist NFT is free, you can work on your collection until you are satisfied. When you deploy your collection, Ethereum charges a service fee of 0.025 ETH. If you use Polygon, this fee is waived. In addition, we get a commission on the initial mint of 10% and 1% royalties. You see, we are only successful if you are too 🙂

That’s no problem, if you just need feedback let us know we’ll put the images through our tech check. If you need a new design, we can help you too, as we work with various artists. There is one for every budget.

With this option, we do most of the initial work for you. Of course you have to give us feedback and support. Basically, we can accompany your complete project, starting with the naming and logo design up to the website and marketing. If this is interesting for you, let us know.

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