How to Generate NFTs without a Developer

Introduction: What are Non-Fungible Tokens and Why Should You Care?

Non-Fungible Tokens are digital items that are unique and cannot be replaced. They are also known as NFTs, crypto collectibles or cryptocollectibles. The tokens can be used to represent any kind of asset, like a digital artwork, a virtual pet, or an in-game item.

NFTs were first introduced by CryptoKitties in late 2017. This game became so popular that it slowed the Ethereum network down to a crawl and sparked one of the first public debates about the future of blockchain technology.

The popularity of this game led many other companies to launch their own games on Ethereum’s blockchain where players could buy and trade different types of tokens with each other.

Why NFTs Are Such a Game Changer for the Online Gaming Industry?

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are a new type of virtual asset that is rapidly changing the way people play and interact with games.

NFTs have been around for a while now but have taken off in recent months. They are a type of cryptocurrency that can be transferred between players, or traded on an online exchange. They are different from traditional in-game items because they can be sold or traded to other players at any time, but they cannot be used outside the game they were created for. This means that NFTs represent ownership of an item, whereas traditional items represent access to an item.

How to Create Non-Fungible Tokens with Ethereum Without a Developer?

Many want to participate in the NFT market and certainly have creative ideas that would certainly make for an exciting project. Unfortunately, you do not have the opportunity to implement your project through a developer or an agency.
tradist NFT provides exactly these creative people the possibility to create their project without any form of code knowledge. In 3 simple steps the graphic assets are uploaded and after setting all relevant meta data, the collection can already be uploaded to the blockchain. For your users you get your own minting page, where you can also link your social channels.

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Create Your Next NFT Project

Creating an NFT Collection should take seconds – and do not need developer knowledge