Ho to Launch your own NFT Project

The most significant aspect of your NFT project will be a community. A community that will support you and represents you on social media, so the word about you spreads around.

The moment you green light your project, your first plan of action should be building a community on discord and Twitter – the most active channels for everything related to web3.

The second plan of action is getting down to the grunt work of building a story around your project – what are the characters, their backstory, the environment they live in – all the minute details to the big picture. Start designing your characters – the second most crucial aspect. Tradist NFT can help you take care of the technical and designing part if you want help.

Then comes the engineering part – where you will need to choose a blockchain to support your NFT project and think about Smart contracts. You will also have to choose the number of NFT you want to launch, and also, if it is a big project – you will have to decide whether you want to launch a supporting token and identify the burn ratio – Tradist NFT can take care of this stage too.

If you are inching towards launching your NFT project, don’t wait to start, go ahead by building a community, figure out the story and characters, the rest we will take care of it, so sign up on our waitlist to get started.

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