How to find a good upcoming NFT project

Identifying a good NFT is not that hard if you follow some golden rules, the first and foremost thing you should look for is traction on social media, Twitter, and Discord mainly because that’s where the NFT community lives and breathes. The second thing is people supporting the project make sure you check the influencer profile to figure out if it’s not a scam from a paid influencer.

After you made sure the project’s community is growing and active and the right people are supporting it. Then you should move on to check the team leading the project, mostly the team should be doxed – they should have their real names and profiles on the website.

Then comes the sales part if the project is already underway, you should check the sales number and the price movement in recent days or weeks to get a sense of how quickly it is growing. If the project is in the initial stages and you trust the team and the community is growing you should check its white paper or the road map to figure out if you resonate with the story. Being part of the story is very important because you should feel at home in the community of the project when you interact with them.

To research an NFT project Twitter is your best friend searching NFT or #NFT on Twitter will show you all the NFT projects that are active on Twitter and you can get to know more about them from their website. is also a great tool to help you figure out the metrics behind the massive crypto projects so make sure to check it out.

If you want to start your NFT project and need a little bit of push and guidance, Tradist NFT is to help you out with the technicalities and the story and design of your project make sure you check us out.

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