NFT Flipping

NFT flipping sounds easy, buy low sell high, but it’s not. The hardest part is identifying NFTs which could potentially increase in value. When looking for NFT projects that could be worth a lot in the near future you need a little bit of research.

First, start by identifying good projects through social media, you need to track the follower count and growing community on Twitter and Discord if the traction is good, then you need to check the roadmap of the project and make sure the story they are telling is plausible and they have a good roadmap of features coming for the community.

While checking the traction on social media make sure the followers are not paid or bots and they are increasing the level of activity is also increasing with the number of followers.

One of the things you also need to check is the limited availability of NFT and the project is not planning on launching more NFTs in the near future. You should also check the rarity of the NFT, can someone else also create these NFTs or can create NFTs in the same category. The art and design and the team also matter when you think about the potential growth of the project.

Also when buying or selling your NFT you should trade at times when the gas fees are on the low end this will give you a better margin and also use marketplaces that take less commission and provide good royalties for secondary sales.

If you are looking to start creating your own project there is no better place to look for than Tradist NFT, we will help you in every way designing, minting, and creating a story around your project, everything you need.

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