Upcoming NFT Projects in Jan & Feb

The two words encapsulate the surefire way to win and make the most of every opportunity in web3 and NFT ecosystem is – Being Early.

Here’s our little contribution to help you make the best of all the opportunities coming ahead.

Top NFT project you should look at dropping this January and early February.

Tronwars is a collection of 8888 unique NFTs of Trons, this project completely captures all your senses in the world of Trons – who come in the forms of Ninjas, robots, and samurai. It’ll be available on Opensea. Their discord server is one of the most active servers we have seen so far. Their graphic designer is Michael Weisheim, who has more than fifteen years of experience in the entertainment industry; he is a master of 3D and character design and worked for Ubisoft. 

The second most exciting project that is dropping soon is Azuki Zen, it is again one of the most hyped-up projects, the discord community is always active and comes from all over the world. The NFT will give you access to the metaverse, which the Azuki teams call ‘The Garden’, and the inspiration for characters is taken from Anime. The team promises exclusive streetwear collaboration, NFT drops, and live events for the first stage. The core team is from Los Angeles and has a background in blockchain technology, gaming, and designing. 

Collider Craftworks is another one of those massive 3D projects that was created by the team behind Mortal Combat, Assassins Creed and Injustice II. The artist’s previous work inspires the characters with a twist with the help of a new technology stack of web3. The best of this project is its innovative visual wallet that brings your virtual identity to life. The whitelist spots are still open in this project, so jump on it at the first chance that you get.

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