No-code solution for your NFT project

Create, manage and sell NFTs on your own smart contract

Configure & create your NFTs

Set the rarity for each layer. You can additionally add all relevant metadata. You can set your own minting costs and plan exactly when to start your presale. On marketplaces or your own minting site. Best of all, you can create 10,000 or more NFTs without any code knowledge.

Sell on OpenSea and your own minting-Page

You are the owner of your smart contract and you can decide where to sell your NFTs. You have the possibility to get your own minting page or you sell on marketplaces. In tradist you can set the Reveal time and also define if your users get airdrops. Are you planning a game in METAVERSE? No problem, contact us, tradist is also suitable as a backend for your game.

Create your Smart Contract in seconds

You do not need a developer or own coding knowledge.

1. Create a new project or collection

Create a new project and specify whether you want to create a whole collection or individual NFTS. You can also add individual NFTS to a collection later on

2. Upload all your image layers

You can upload your images for all your layers and also specify which ones have which rarity. Additionally you can set the image size and how many NFTs you want to create.

3. Promote & sell anywhere

You can mint your NFTs whenever you want. Afterwards you can sell them wherever you want. This can be on OpenSea or on your own site.


Create your digital success

Start now with tradist and we boost your NFT project

Full NFT control

It is important that you are the owner of your NFTs. Only then you can decide when and where to sell them. We help you with that!

Easy NFT management

For sure you are planning several NFT projects or collections. With tradist you have an easy administration and never lose the overview.

NFT community

You can reward your community and offer them free airdrops. You can easily do that via tradist.


NFTs are unique tokens in the blockchain that can be sold and exchanged. With tradist, you can create them and sell them on marketplaces at any time.

tradist NFT is your tool to create and manage your complete NFT project. In just a few steps you can easily create and sell your NFTs

If you connect to your Metamask wallet on OpenSea, you can edit the royalties there

You only need an active wallt from Metamask, for example. Once you have that connected, you can start creating your NFTs.

this works even very well. tradist is also suitable as a backend for your own game. We also have game developers and can also support you in game development. Feel free to contact us.

Create your next NFT project

Creating an NFT collection should take seconds – and do not need developer knowledge